Board of Directors – Bestyrelsesmedlemmer

The 2019 boardmembers are: Basel Salman (chairperson), Hoza Benjamin Maniragaba (trustee), Britt D. Rasmussen activitycoordinator, Niguse Gebremeskel and Adam H Yagoub. Alternate board members: Ermias Fsahaye

Below picture from the General Assembly on March 29, 2019.


The old board of directors march 31, 2018.  Basel Salman (chairperson), Temesgen Fessahaye (vice-chairperson), Hoza Benjamin Maniragaba (trustee), Simon Ngoyi (vice-trustee), Yosief Futsum, Mohammed Dahir, Feras Badawi. Alternate board members: Sima Ataollahi, Niguse Gebremeskel and Britt D. Rasmussen. On the last photo we also feature Anders our elected accountant.