Asylforum aspires to have a wide array of activities, similar to the Trampoline house in Copenhagen. Volunteers, regardless of nationality, are welcome to set up a language course, a yoga class etc. You can teach or you can just hang out, play board games or cook.

Open House each Friday  (from 16 – 21ish in Søndergade 12).

We come to meet each other, some play cards, hang out and cook while others take danish classes, get personal assistance with letters, CVs, IT or other stuff. It is up to you what you wish to learn. We are not well organized but we get a lot done togeather.

Soccer – Fodbold (In the winter we rent an indoor space, if we have enough money).

We just play for fun. Both good and crappy players are welcome as long as you don’t throw a fit because we don’t always play by the rules. Our main aim is to have fun and get some exercise 🙂

Other Activities

Sometimes we go out for events like bowling, ice skating etc. We are trying to establish the following groups but we would like more members:

  • Undervisningsgruppe
  • Udendørs/Sportsaktiviteter
  • Madlavning
  • Asylcenter Besøg
  • Familieaktiviteter og Børneaktiviteter
  • Modtagelse af nyankomne familier og enlige
  • PR og rekruttering af ny
  • Deltagelse i Mangfoldighedsdag/Mød Verden
  • Festudvalg (Skal vi ikke have mere fest)?
  • Samarbejdsgruppe (Samarbejde med andre organisationer)
  • Spilgruppe (lav/koordiner sjove, udfordrende eller lærerige spil)