Recent & Past Events


Normal day in Asylforum 2022

Diversity Evening Picnic at Aalborg Zoo 2022

Diversity Evening at Aalborg Zoo den 10 Sep. 2021

31.03.18 General Assembly. Fouad and Gebrihiwet left the board due to time constraints but they were replaced with Sima, Dahir and Niguse. We went though our accounts and the event of the year. There was a general sense that we have create a place that can grow and which is making sense for many whether they wish to learn or just meet-up.

We went Bowling and it was super fun. A lot of families joined us and we thank Aalborg Bygger Bro for paying half the cost.

16.12.17 No Christmas food as such but there was good food and good people and we did take the best part of Christmas dinners; the dice game and then we spiced it up with an UNO turnament where the main price was a gift-card sponsored by Bilka in Aalborg. Thank you Bilka it was so much fun!

14.08.17 The tickets to climb trees were quite amazing. Everyone had fun even if they started out a bit scared and some flew across the trees in high speed. Super fun day!

15.07.17 We were given free tickets to go attend the Middelalder Dage festival. We had a lot of fun there as well as icecream 🙂

For a while our sports director, Hoza, had been planning DMI in Juli 2017. He and Gerye gave a dance performance alonge with United by Streets who sponsored us and we had a great football team that came in 3. while we also supported other winning teams from Friendly Football and shared our talented players a bit 🙂

May 2017 we went to the Integration Day the Zoo in and gave out Kagemand and we also checked out the Carnival.

In Feb. 2017 we re-opened in new locations after a break.

On Sep. 3 2016 we participated in Mød Verden in Karolinelund, by selling soda, baking cake, dancing and showing the people from the various centers around.

We had a painting workshop at Platform 4, where our members could paint a painting to bring home. The painting was donated by a fund.

We also participated in Cafe Venlig på Tværs in Huset


On June 20, 2016 we participated in Amnesty’s walk for a better treatment of refugees. Our chairperson at the time, Signe, held a speech about all the things that binds us together and sang a song.

We had a grill party after painting bikes and playing soccer. The bikes were donated by Aalborg municipality on the condition that we pain and keep track of them.

We held one of your monthly meetings in Karolinelund and played, danced, sang and had cake and other good food.

Kirsten, who volunteers with us, invited us to come see her group Dunkelfolket and she let us play with the masks after. It was a great evening!

The Red Cross Samaritans invited us to come to Skøjtehallen – it was fun even if some Danes had to go to the emergency room afterwards.

On Feb. 6 2016 we held a big party in Studenterhuset. We invited many Asylum centers and were a bit sad that we only had room for about 600 people, so we could not invite all camps. Yet, we had fun. There were acts by Signe (our chairperson) and her daughter, Alvilda, the Danish band Tunnelvision, the Eritrean band Angosom,  and our own Syrian members: Obada, Mahmoud and Marwan. In addition our DJ’s: Dahir, Ghandi and Tomi played a great set with songs from everywhere.

Four of us also went to invite Tranum Asylumcenter and had fun doing so.

In December also visted Café Venligbo i Hjørring samt Hyttebyen og Gunderuplund asylcentre to invite them to Aalborg in February and tell about Asylforum.

We often Eat together on Mondays or Fridays, if anyone is willing to cook.

We also participated in Mød Verden “Meet the World” in Karolinelund shortly after and helped by inviting asylum centers. It was sunny and many people came out.

At Mangfoldighedsdagen 2015 it was raining so many of the outdoor activities and bands in Karolinelund were cancelled. Instead we had food and made a great inside.

Sometimes we also do other activities if we are invited or if someone has a nice idea

We like to show people around or go for trips. This is from the summer of 2015

In 2015 we got 70 city bikes, which we borrowed for life, or until they don’t need it any more to some of the great new people in Aalborg. Everyone helped paint their own bikes.

We had a big part in Jan. 2015 at Aalborg Friskole, with a football match where the main prize was 100 kr. each for the 5 winners, sponsored by Bilka. There was food, some sponsored by Rema 1000 and live music with the band Khoncept Ciudad mundial. It was a very fun day!

In 2012 and 2013 we had many trips to Asylum centers. Mostly we introduced Asylforum and asked general questions about Denmark and Danes. We mainly visited Hanstholm, Brovst and later also Ranum and just once in 2014 did we visit Frederikshavn.

Mangfoldighedsdagen (Diversity Day) 2014. Less planning as Katrine Skovsgaard took it on and held it by the harbour. Again unpleasant weather but we still had fun and food.

Mangfoldighedsdagen (Diversity Day) 2013 took a lot of planning and cooperation. There was a lot of rain unfortunately but we had food inside Platform 4 and it turned out great.

We had a party with visitors from Asylumcenters and the Trampoline House. Plus the “We have space” campaign at 1000 Fryd